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Artist Profile

WendaYiu graduated from BA in Fine Art at RMIT University( co-presented with Hong Kong Art School), major in painting. Her artworks were collected by private collectors. Wenda shown up her works on Art Basel, Fine Art Ink Asia and held a number of exhibitions in Hong Kong.

In 2017, Wenda was awarded ‘Outstanding Artwork (Painting) ‘by at Hong Kong Art School.  She has been selected as one of the finalists in ‘WMA Open Photo Contest Exhibition - Opportunity!’ , and received the Reaching Out Award from the Hong Kong Education Bureau in 2019. Wenda received an award from C&G Artpartment in 2020 and cooperate with organisation to promote community art after graduation.


Artist Statement

Wenda likes to borrow different motifs to show the alternative of Hong Kong, she wants to reserve what is being disappeared and forgotten. She combines the old map with a contemporary approach, she blurs the outline of the history and tries to redefine what is the meaning of our culture.

Through the art-making process, she intervene with map-making and illustrations, with a view to bringing forth Hong Kong’s history and culture, and deepening people’s identification with the land. She also pay attention to nature and humanity.

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